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i'm not going to review the story or plot, because i find it incredibly bad to begin with (Serious drama + MMORPG's do not mix well)

The animation was just as lazy as the other episodes. the majority of the lip-syncing was just looping frames. The Backgrounds were just basic shapes with heavy gradiant use, which looks lazy as well.
Constant text font change made it incredibly hard to read, it's not even necessary, the voicing is clear enough to not need it, but it's to go with the MMORPG feel, alright, but not every character need their own unique(?) text font. And eye-wrenching color use made my eyes hurt (that green ring the monster used, and other moments).

One of my major (of many) problems with this episode is when Zetto and Alpha fight, you switched Zetto's hands constantly, i could understand if it was a one time mistake, but it happend EIGHT times, you should at least make the effort to fix something that's obviously wrong even if it means you have to upload the video on a later date.

One thing i will say looked nice was the tournment poster, BUT i couldn't read any of it soooo.....

Needs much improvement, please work on your quality. I don't want to hate this series but i feel it's incredibly lacking in many areas.


although your animation in terms of movement is above average, and by average i mean what is normally uploaded on this site (1 - 2.5 star stuff), the simple plot of this is just awful. It shouldn't be hard to make an immature video about dicks and rape funny, but even you did that wrong. work on your writing, it doesn't matter if it looks good, if it's badly written the whole thing is bad.

FrostDrive responds:

I rated this helpful.

The line could have been a cleaner and when mario yells at Luigi he want's that flag it sounded like you were forcing it and trying to be quiet, if you need him to yell, yell.

But you knew what you wanted to make a joke about and you added some nice exaggerations, but clean up your lines. (if you don't have a tablet, get one)

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i would say something along those lines. ?:^) x

Speedo responds:


i really think you should work on your hands. you make them kind of flat and the fingers are all the same size, and the thumbs are a little high on the palms (too close to where fingers start)

bocodamondo responds:

i tell myself the same thing over and over again as well...but i just cant improve on that one thing. even after checking out soo many hand tutorials...i really dont understand why they are soo hard for me to draw

love the style, and the detail to hands

WetPhyseter responds:

It comes in handy once in a while.

Max doodles 110%

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